Cannonballs for Smithing, Profit, or Slaughter in OSRS

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Cannonballs in OSRSThere are three reasons to learn how to make cannonballs in Old School RuneScape. The first is for Smithing experience, the second is for making money, and the third is for killing monsters. There are some requirements before you start, though, and learning how to make cannonballs is for members only. But there is nothing like assembling and firing a dwarf multicannon in Old School RuneScape.

What You Need to Make Cannonballs

To learn how to make cannonballs, you will first need to have a level 35 Smithing. The Smithing experience goes along with the Mining and Smelting experience levels.This is because you will have to mine ore and then smelt it into metal bars using a furnace. Then you can use a hammer, along with an anvil, to hammer the metal bars into items like weapons. This will give you the Smithing experience you need to make cannonballs.

You will also need to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest. This quest is officially classified as a short and novice quest by OSRS.

After you complete the quest, you can purchase an ammo mould. This is sold at Nulodion’s Multicannon Parts Store, located at Ice Mountain, in the dwarven industrial area. The ammo mould costs 5 coins and yields four balls per steel bar. Every 4 completed cannonballs give you 25.6 Smithing experience.

How to Make Cannonballs for Smithing Experience

Once you have completed all the requirements, actually making the cannonballs is easy. All you need to have is the mould, bars of metal, and a furnace. Then, click the cannonball icon to get started. That’s it.

Using the Smithing method, you can make 2,160 cannonballs per hour and gain 14,000 Smithing experience. To work this fast, you should use a furnace near a bank, like in Edgeville or Shilo Village.

How to Make Cannonballs for Profit

If you choose a furnace near a bank, you can make up to 2,400 cannonballs per hour. At this point, if you want, you can make cannonballs for profit. This is because you can buy steel bars instead of mining and smelting them yourself.

For example, a steel bar costs about 339 coins to purchase and makes 4 cannonballs. If you can sell the four balls for 636 coins, then your net profit is 297 coins per four balls.  If you make 2,400 balls per hour, then you can make a profit of up to 178,200 coins hourly. (Prices may change, for example only.)

Plus, there is all of the Smithing experience you gain.

Slaying Monsters with a Dwarf Multicannon

You can purchase a Dwarf multicannon after completing the Dwarf Cannon quest. It is also purchased at Nulodion’s and needs to be assembled. The cost is about 750,000 coins and comes with a free replacement if your cannon decays. A mould is included.

This multicannon is used as a Ranged weapon as a supplement to the primary method of fighting. It is also only as accurate as your attack level. Use it when you are training Slayer because and it will significantly speed up the task of slaying monsters.

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