Scammers: Avoiding When Buying RuneScape Gold

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I hate scammers. They’re a fact of life in RuneScape, but I hate them. They hurt our business, and they steal from our customers. Our customers—that’s you—on the other hand, I love. I love you all. Thank you for being a Cheap Gold Now customer. It means a lot that you have chosen us to buy your gold from us!

RuneScape How to Avoid Scammers When Buying Gold

We work hard to provide a safe and reliable way to buy gold in Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3, to build the trust of our customers. But there’s nothing worse than learning one of our customers has been scammed. We are proud to say that not one of our customers has ever been banned. But scammers have got a few of our customers.

So I wanted to put together this Public Service Announcement for you. We’ve seen enough scams to be able to tell you how to avoid them. I don’t want you, or anyone else, to be scammed ever again.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Scamming You?

When you buy from us, the transaction is very simple. You meet us in the game as instructed, make the trade with a single agent. You talk to no one else. Nothing else happens. Then, you walk away. Done.

If anything else happens, it is a scam.

Walk away. Do not interact with this person. Remember: they cannot do anything to you if you don’t respond to them.

How Scammers Operate

Literally 5 sec after getting the money, they called me out and pm me all this info.

Scammers move fast. Once you have received your gold, they move in. They will usually claim to be our agent, and they may even have a username similar to the agent who actually sold you your gold.

It seemed like he was one of your staff: he knew exactly what I was doing, and I got multiple PMs from him. Then, he asked me to send my order number in trade and said I had to trade it back to him after I got it to prevent Jagex from detecting rwt.

In this case above, it turned out that the scammer didn’t have any information about our customer’s trade. The scammer just sounded authoritative and intimidating.

The guy told me to trade it [the gold] back to another agent to prevent ban, and then go to a second meeting point where he would trade me back the gold. Said I had to trade back and forth to verify trade so Jagex couldn’t see a real-world trade.

Typically, the scammer will tell you that you will be banned for rwt and that they need to make a new trade with you to avoid this (yes, I know this sounds odd, but they’re pretty convincing in-game). After this, they’ll ask for you to trade the gold with them and you may get something small in return. Then you’ll be told to go to a second location to make another trade—the scammer will say you will get your gold back during this trade. The scammer, of course, never shows up, and you are left waiting.

I waited almost an hour, and no one came.

Scammers Will Pretend to Sweeten the Deal

The person said I’d receive 4m extra for time compensation.

As part of the scam, the scammer will often say you’ll get extra gold as compensation for the inconvenience. Of course, as the scammer will never come to the second rendezvous, you will never see this money.

Things Can Get Scary

We will never, ever, ever ask you for your phone number or any personal information at all in the game.

He told me he would give me 15% bonus gold—I just need to give my phone number.

Scammers will often demand you give them your phone number. After that, they will call you, pretending to be our agent.

I was contacted by phone asking to confirm it was me, and then directed through the live chat [in the game] by someone via phone and told how to say the right thing to the bot.

I repeat: we will never, ever, ever ask for any personal information in the game.

Cheap Gold Now Agent: But we never collected your phone number. This is a bit scary.

This, possibly, is the scariest part of the scam to me. Up until now, the scammer has been acting on a hunch that you were involved in rwt and has been trying to pretend they are one of our agents and to intimidate you. They may steal from you, but at least they don’t know who you are. As soon as they get your phone number, who knows what they will do with it?

At Cheap Gold Now, we always act with integrity and honesty. This means, for example, that we have terms and conditions and a privacy policy, and we obey the law. We’re a proud, USA-based company, and we never misuse any of our customers’ personal information. Your trust in us is more important than anything. But these guys? What about these scammers who steal your phone number? Who knows what they’ll do now they know who you really are.

How To Avoid a Scam Easily

Once you have completed your trade with our agent, then you have completed your transaction. Your gold is safe.

Do not talk to anyone else, no matter how much they try to bug you or however much they try to convince you they work for us. They do not work for us.

Walk away and get right back to enjoying the game!


Here at Cheap Gold Now, we offer the best prices for OSRS and RS3 gold—we are a safe and reliable company to buy gold from. You can trust us.

In-game transactions with us are simple: get the gold and leave.

We will never:

  • Come up to you after a transaction and try to make you trade the money again.
  • Threaten or intimidate you.
  • Ask you for your phone number or any other personal information in-game.
  • Offer to give you more money after the trade is complete (sorry! We already offer the best prices around!)
  • We’ll never lie to you.

We want you to have a great experience in the game, and we want you to enjoy the gold you’ve bought from us! There’s nothing more depressing to me than seeing a scammer screw over one of our customers.

I’d love it if you could help us stamp out these scams! As a result, please spread the word to your friends about these scams—share this article. If you have any questions, shoot me a message!

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